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Ho finito!

18 May 2010
Today was the day that I applied to the University of Bologna. Universitá di Bologna! The MIUR--Italian Education Ministry finally put up the deadlines for foreign students to apply to the universities and I was the first one in the Consulate this morning.

I decided to change the University from the University of Catania to Bologna. It is great. My program has 50 open seats to foreigner which is a lot for an upper level Master's degree. I will be studying if I get in--Italian Studies, European Literary Cultures. I am psyched. I have also decided on the PhD program as well--European Culture during Medieval Times.. Some people ask what the hell I will do with that degree and I told them be a professor and work as an expert on movies. The sky is the limit and I just need to get my tucus to Italy.

Keep your fingers crossed that I get one of those 50 seats. I am very optimistic and I have all sorts of connections there. My friend G is already looking for an apartment for me and I am hoping I will get extra weddings and hours at my job. I want to save another $2500 before I leave.

The other wonderful thing is the fact that the Euro is shrinking to being almost equal to the dollar so my money will stretch more.. yay!

I will keep you all posted..

Till next time
2 comments on "Ho finito!"
  1. First one! Now THAT's initiative! ;) Hope you find out soon. Well, we know you'll get there anyway. :)

    Are you applying to the one school only? Risky, but that's what I did. lol

  2. One?!! Fuckers indeed. :P Move's going okay. Trying to get some Euros and hoping for a cheap flight.


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