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04 May 2010
I am sure you all have noticed that I changed the name of my blog to Italian Odyssey. I assure you there is a perfectly sound explanation.

I was planning to apply to the University of Catania for the fall admission into their Master's program and then continue on to my PhD. Even though Catania did not have a PhD program I thought it was a good jumping off point because I was once stationed there and I had a good friend who still lived there who offered to put me up for a few weeks until I found a job and a place. The plan was to get a job on the Navy base in Sigonella which would have proven easy because of my veteran status--yes I am a disabled vet AND I was stationed on that very base 15 years ago.

However, there was a chink in the preparations. I called my friend 'A' last week to inform about my progress and she told me to reconsider coming to Sicily. She didn't want to discourage me but she wanted me to make a sound decision.

That day the base announced that they would begin layoffs, due to monetary cuts in military funds, the now expanded but deserted base was overcapacity as far as civilian personnel was concerned. Yes I could still take a chance and go there anyways however Sicily is known for not having jobs in the first place and with getting a job on the base more than likely out I had to rethink my strategy. I also wanted to go to Sicily because the cost of living was cheaper but not being able to get a job defeats the purpose of me being there.

At the moment I am waiting on a response from my other friend G who lives in Bologna who wanted me to go to her alma mater before I decided on Sicily. More than likely I will choose the University of Bologna because they have a Master's and PhD program and it will take me a total of 4-5 years to complete. Not to mention Bologna is an international college town, it isn't that expensive to live there. It will cost me about 100 euro more a month for an apartment but it is worth.

I will keep you posted on what is going on. For now I will continue to write for the Examiner @ Houston Make-up Examiner and working as a Make-up artist to save money. Next month I will begin selling off my furniture, shoes, clothes and books.. I am preparing preparing prepping and I believe all will work out for me.

Until next blog...

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