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Feminism: The Rape of South African Anene Booysen

10 February 2013
It's been on the rise for years. This brutality against women. It is taking place all over the world. While feminists in the west are arguing over some of the most mundane causes, their sisters lives are being taken, destroyed, or cast aside.

23 y/o Medical Student in Delhi who was gang raped. Name never released.

A few months ago a young medical student in India was gang raped on the bus by some men, who then threw her off of it after they were done, as if her life was inconsequential. After all, she's just a woman. Not understanding, without women, the human race could never continue, not understanding that without women the world would implode.

These gang rapes in India have become common place. It wasn't until this latest incident that the government took notice. Why did a young lady have to die, before the government took notice?

The most recent incident happened in South Africa to a 17 year old girl named Anene Booysen. Anene was found near the train tracks with her stomach cut open, sand and glass stuffed in the place where her intestines were supposed to be, neck cut and fingers and legs broken. Before dying, Anene was able to identify one of her attackers as an ex-boyfriend.

If you think I am exaggerating the importance of this intense campaign against women, here are some statistics about S. Africa: 1 in four men admits to raping a woman and nearly half admitted to more than one attack (BBC). South Africa also has the highest reported number of rapes in the world (NBC).

People are banning together finally, understanding that attacking one of the cornerstones of society is detrimental to that society. Women are important. Women, need to wake up from their slumber, and realize that they too are just as powerful and to accept, that the place we have allowed ourselves to get to in this world, has caused its demise.

We are not inconsequential, or subordinate, or subservient. We are indeed, co-owners of this Universe and we need to stop giving away that power. Stand with the women around the world and sign the petition to criminalize--as in give stiffer sentences-- gang rape in South Africa. The uprising must start somewhere. This is no longer a feminist issue, this is a human rights issue.

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