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African Queen Indeed

27 February 2013
Looks like Número magazine is in hot water again for the photo spread entitled "African Queen." Where Caucasian model Ondria Hardin is painted to brown perfection to represent Africa.

What I do not understand is why is it necessary to do this? If it isn't bad enough, black models, especially dark skinned models, are sadly underrepresented in the fashion world so why not just use a black model to do a shoot like this when it is called for? How would it look if we took a model like Alec Wek and cover her in cream colored makeup, sit her on a throne with a scepter and title the shoot "The Nordic Queen?"  How well would that go over?

What's more, the shoot would have been beautiful if it wasn't for this situation, but there you have it.

I normally don't talk about these things on my blog, but this is the fourth instance of this in the fashion world in two years and it is time to just say enough is enough. What do you think about this latest fashion faux pas?

Photos courtesy of : Numero

3 comments on "African Queen Indeed"
  1. I'm with you! I can't understand why????

    I like the idea Alek Wek as a Nordic Queen.....

  2. OMG are you serious? Is this 1913 or 2013? How stupidly insensitive and just plain racist? The continent of Africa represented by a white women in black face? A black queen represented by a white women in black face? I blame the magazine and I also blame this model managers and her modeling company this is not the first time that she has been involved in controversy!

  3. I so agree. So many black models without work so why would one do this. Must be a political statement...


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