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How you make the new year great..!!

01 January 2013
I will not tell you to put targets, or to write on paper what you want to do fo this year, i think we have done this already!!

Some tips to feel better this year...

First of all spend more time with your family..such as seeing more often your parents or grandparents. Coming home, in our database, can carry quarrels with parents..but always will make you remember where you much you have..that there will always be people who really love you and the most important thing, your presence make them happy!!

Work more qualitative.

Rather than spend endless hours in the office, working and surfing at  the same time, try to concetrate more in the morning so you can leave earlier! You don't have a job?  Do volunteering !! If you are in phase that you are looking for job, spend a few days of the week doing volunteer, find an organization that covers you and go help them!! You see how important it is to offer and you will undrestand more about yourself and appreciate what you have more..

Find a hobby.

Something that you like to do on your own, or with friends..painting, photography, reading books, anything! When you put together some projects (e.g 100 photographs) do a little exposure to your home!!

Change your home.

I do not mean to buy furniture or decorations, just change the arrangement of you already have!

Do some exercise.

Take your partner and walk to your nearby park! you will feel better from the first day!

And the most incredible thing tha can happen to you this year is to fall in love!! Open your heart and let the love you have inside you blossom!!


Happy new year my friends!!!

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