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Notable Women: Photographer and Explorer Kat Clay

19 January 2013
I met Kat a few months ago when I traveled to Ulsan, South Korea for a Thanksgiving dinner hosted by my American friend and her European Expat engineer buds living there.

The lovely Kat or as I like to call her, Cassius, and I began chatting about traveling and how we both are travel whores who can't get enough of seeing the world. She is definitely a true Explorer at heart. Me and the lovely Aussie discussed slavery in America and the influence of Irish and African "immigrants"- I used that term lightly since the first Irish and African 'immigrants' were sent to the new land as slaves--on country music. She and her hubby did a three month road trip of the southern United States, going through the Ole South and what she learned there.

When she asked what I did besides teach--we are both ESL teachers here--I told her I had started a brand called L&L and what it was about and she told me she was a photographer. So I pleaded, nay begged, to see some of her work. I was already in love with her energy and was trying to figure out a way to get her on the blog. After seeing her work, I knew I had to showcase it here. I asked if she would be up to doing a photo essay for Lattes and Lipstick and she was all in. I am in love with her passion for her craft and the way she captures landscapes and people. Below, is a copy of our interview transcript. I am sure you will love her and as much as I do.


LL: Where are you from and where are you now?
KC: I'm from Sydney, Australia but I'm currently living in South Korea.

LL: You have stated that you are a professional adventurer. What adventures have you been on?
KC: My husband and I have been traveling the world since September 2011. We started in the United States for three months, then headed to Europe. In terms of adventures, I've hiked through a lot of the national parks and flown a plane over New York City at night. And I've also been to Transylvania! No vampires though.

LL: You are a budding photographer, what do you like to photograph? What type of camera do you use?
KC: I do a lot of travel and landscape photography. The great outdoors appeals to me a lot, as I do a lot of hiking. This year I was a finalist in Travel Photographer of the Year - New Talent category for a series on Versailles. I look for interesting weather conditions, especially shooting places off season. But lately I've been shooting cities. I'm obsessed with science fiction and futuristic images in the world today.

I shoot with a Nikon D7000 and my primary lens is the 24-70mm f/2.8, a beast with beautiful sharpness. My other lens is the Sigma 10-20mm.

LL: What are the top three things you are working on now?
KC: I keep working on my futuristic cities photography series - Korea is definitely the place for that. I'm also a writer so I'm busy editing my young adults fantasy novel. And finally trying to train for the Everest Base Camp hike.

LL: What projects would you like to work on if you could in the future?
KC: I'd really like to get commissioned to shoot either the High Tatras mountains in Slovakia or Nagaland in India. Wishful thinking!

LL: Where can we buy your fabulous photographs or find you in the webosphere?
KC: My website is and my twitter is @kat_clay
My photos are for sale on Getty, iStockphoto, Dreamstime and Shutterstock.

All Rights Reserved ©2010-2013 Kat Clay

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