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Fall 2011 Obsessions Post

17 September 2011
Of course this blog post is about my obsessions. Things that are so in for me right now that I can't help but spend days online stalking them. Yes I said it, I stalk things and sometimes people. Don't worry it is all done in the cyber world.

I decided to bring you selections from the beauty, fashion, food, jewelry, art and book world. These are the things that are on trend, things that I am completely head over heels in love with, can't get enough of, can't live without, ok, you get the picture. I hope these inspire you and maybe start a fire in your belly of obsessions.

Bright Plaids, calvary jackets, and Over the knee boots

Who doesn't like plaid? I have been in love with plaid since fourth grade. I personally think I was either a naughty catholic school girl or Scottish aristocracy in a past life because I am obsessed with plaid and bright colored plaid at that? **SOLD** Just saying. Along with this military/calvary inspired jacket, cut so crisp that it would make any girl look lik she has a teeny tinny waist? Um,  a girl can only resist so much temptation. **Swoons** Of course over the knee boots are a classic, but who says classics can't be an obsession? Throw in a pop of color and Renaissance styled jewelry and you've got yourself a fabulous outfit.

1. Asos Long Sleeved Swing Top
2. Modcloth Vintage More Than Plaid Skirt
3. Baker's Shoes Garcia Over the Knee Boot
4. BCBG Max Azria's Wool Blend Cropped Military Jacket
5. Yves Saint Laurent Green Tote Bag
6-8. Eve's Addiction Renaissance Styled Jewelry

*When I checked Mod Cloth's site I discovered that beautiful skirt was sold out, so here's my second choice from the same site.

Glitter Wedges, Jumpsuits, Clear Belts oh my!

Ok so I have this obsession of all things sparkly. I can't help it, its like little stars in the sky, things that shimmer like fools gold, like luxury, like a swimming pool on an 109F day. I mean really. A big trend coming from summer into fall are glittery shoes, and I don't mean the Dorothy--there is no place like home-- kind or the ones you wore when you were a toddler, no I mean sexy, make you five inches taller kind. Mixed with a nipped in the waist jump suit and clear belt  and a red hand made leather bag from Florence and you will be simply irresistible.  

1. Spiegel's Signature Two-Way Stretch Surplice Jumpsuit
2. Massimo's Leather Alice Bag
3. Payless Belt Wide Fashion Clear Belt
4. Kurt Geiger Carvela Grass Wedge
5. Jewelry google searched

Custom-made designer Jewelry

Robyn Clark over at Robyn's Twisted Enchantments is a budding jewelry designer in Houston that designs and makes custom made jewelry. She created this necklace for me based on this beautiful picture I sent her. The chain is hand crafted sterling silver and I was amazed at how she found the colors from this pictures. She is an amazingly creative person and her creations won't break your pocket book.

1. Robyn's Twisted Enchantments Necklace-- Contact Robyn at 

Make Me Over Beauty Obsessions

Did you guys know that even though I am a Spring baby my favorite season is Autumn? I particularly love the colors in makeup during this time, berries, purples, and stained. Smokey grays and red-oranges. I mean makeup is amazing during this time. I am completely obsessed with Fashion Fair's Lip Teasers, these lovely sheer but vibrant colored lip glosses--and they are not sticky yippee-- are amazing.  You can put on one layer for a sheer coat or layer it up for a richer pay-off. And they come in a variety of shades. Of course my favorite is Brave Babe.  Hello! I'm loving what Fashion Fair is doing with the brand--be on the look out for the much anticipated write up on their new foundations.  And Mac Cosmetics has done it again and went and made an alternative to my Cyber lipstick obsession with this sexy Mattene lipstick Potent Fig. And you know a girl can't resist this sexy shade of gold nail polish coupled with some black crackle lacquer to make it more edgy. And Illamasqua! Need I say more?

1. Fashion Fair's Lip Teaser, Brave Babe
2.  Mac Cosmetics Mattene Lipstick, Potent Fig
3. Mac Cosmetics Lipstick, Media
4. Illamasqua Liquid Metal, Phenomena**
5. Mac Cosmetics Typographic E/S
6. Mac Cosmetics Nail Lacquer, Immortal Gold
7. OPI Nail Lacquer, Black Crackle

Food is Art!

I have a new obsession, ok its an old obsession with a current twist. I cannot function in the morning until after my first cup of Joe or Mocha or whatever the flavor of the month is. But the problem is that mocha et al is fattening and the caffeine does weird things to my body, however I have discovered a new brand called Organo Gold--I love it so much I now sell it. Organo Gold infuses spores from the ganoderma/reishi mushroom into its arabica coffee bean, which makes it a healthy disease fighting alternative--more on this in a couple of weeks. So how could I resist healthy coffee? I couldn't, I'm obsessed with their Mocha, its yummY! and boy does it make me more focus and give me the pick me up I need in the morning. Not to mention its less expensive than that cup of joe you bought at Starbucks this morning!

1. Organo Gold Cafe Mocha

1. Homemade Peanut Butter Cheese cake (I do have the recipe I created)
yeah, with the Mocha its to die for and I created the recipe myself. I will have it up next week. :-)

The Art of Painting

Gotta love an amazing artist that has not been discovered yet and I have with budding Guatemalan artist   and photographer, Manola Maldonado.  This young lady's vision as an artist and photographer are little bit modern, a little bit rock n roll and a whole lot of vintage and I love it.

1. Manola Maldonado's My Father's Eyes

Reading is an Art!

You know I love to read. I prefer to read over watching TV although I do have my favorite shows, Torchwood and Vampire Diaries anyone. Don't get me started on True Blood and The Good Wife. I digress, reading is a lost art. Most people don't read anymore and I love to. I am obsessed with this Renaissance recipe book and Deepak Chopra's The Book of Secrets. I love to cook  and I love Shakespeare, so how could I resist this yummy interpretation of Renaissance cuisine?  And since I am all about personal growth and development I am reading every Deepak book I can get my hands on and this one is my favorite..

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and look out for some upcoming post on my newest endeavor and reviews of products. I am so psyched about this season in my life and natural season. All changes are fabulous, including the ones we least expect. Have a great Saturday!

**Found at select Sephora's or online at

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  1. I love everything on here!!! I would love the cheesecake recipe pleaaase!!! Stay Chic!!!

    London To Cali With Love

  2. Hahaha I'm an online stalker too. I'm glad there are others out there.
    Love all the makeup products you've chosen.

  3. Love all of you Obsessions and I am all over MAC's Potent Fig Love that,Great Post now I am inspired for Fall!

  4. Love,lovelove your selection!!!It's screaming Fall!

  5. hi beauty!! your comments always make me smile, thank you! I'd like your cheesecake recipe too! and I love all these item, particulary the glitter wedges, bangles and the gold nailpolish!

    xoxo from france

  6. What a selection;-)
    You are one chic lady, too;-)
    I adore all the clothes, but the jewellery is especially nice.

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