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Cosmically Chic Leos

11 September 2011
Good afternoon chicklets!

I know I have not been as consistent as I used to be when writing my blog but at the moment I have started a business that is taking up a lot of my time--will tell you more about that later, doing research for a couple books I am writing and overall getting my life back on track after returning from my extended sabbatical in Italy. But make no mistake this is only temporary. I have a feeling that I will be back on the road again in the near future and I will keep you guys posted on it all. Get the exclusive here.

Now that I have internet again, I plan to be catching up on everyone's blogs and I am so excited to see how you all have evolved and leave comments.

Today, I am bringing you the inspiration for the beautiful, king of the jungle, regal lionesses, the Leos. Leos are a fire sign ruled by the Sun. They are probably the most chilled of the fire signs. They are hard to anger, ambitious. They are represented in astrology by the lion.  This beautiful sign rules the heart and love to be the center of attention. Their phrase is "I Will." Leos can be ferocious, and strong willed and are indeed about their den and families.  Many times the women have a hard time with relationships because they like strong men to balance them out and often times they have a hard time finding a man as strong as they are so they tend to settle for me that are not as ambitious or well known as they. They always bounce back from scandals by landing on their feet. Negative aspects of Leos are they can be domineering, victims, and indolent. Examples of amazing Leos are Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Lucille Ball, Sandra Bullock, and J.K. Rowling.

The colors that represent Leos are gold and orange, the magnetic colors of the sun and their stone is Ruby. enjoy the boards I have put together for you.

Leo Career Wear

Leo Casual Wear

Leo Casual Wear 2

Sensual Leo 

Leo's Accessories

2 comments on "Cosmically Chic Leos"
  1. Glad to see you posting again and I'm happy that things are moving forward for you ( writing several books, research and so forth ).
    I enjoyed reading up on The Leo Female above. I adore Orange;-)

  2. I love these colors and outfits. I'm so excited for all your future holds. If you're anything like me, you're anxious and planning it all out. It can be nerve-racking while bringing all sorts of joy. I'm on the verge of tears now just thinking about what my second year in Korea should hold for me. Where do I live? Stay here? Move there? It's overwhelming and exhilirating. The best drug ever.


Thanks chiclets for your chic comments. I look forward to hearing more from you.

Forever chic,