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21 December 2010
Its the holidays, even for those who do not celebrate Christmas, me included. My blog is taking a break until after the first of the year. I am going south with my friend for Christmas. We will be in Foggia, her home town. No one wanted to leave me alone in Bologna without a friend in the world. And since I do not have the extra cash to travel the best thing to do was to travel home with a friend. I am grateful to her.

Another friend will be visiting me on the fifth of January. He is coming in from the States and I cannot wait to see him.

I want to wish all of you Buone Feste, Happy Holidays from Odissea Italiana. Enjoy this time with family and friends and take nothing for granted. I hope your winter solstice and New Year get off to an amazing start.

Make sure to follow my writings on The Examiner. I will be writing about traveling and culture in Italy. Separately from this blog. Until next year, toodles!

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