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19 December 2010
It's what I have been up to lately. I went to a workshop this past Friday in the snow or as they say in Bologna, ice, to build my portfolio and get my name out there as a make-up artist.

While studying I need to find my niche, a spot carved out for me so that I do not have to be concerned about money for a while. That is the only glitch in my happiness right now, money. I have been offered a job teaching English in Milan 3 days a week while I am in school starting in February. Hopefully, I am able to find a job in Bologna instead. I will begin looking in January. At the moment it is the holiday season and Europeans are on vacation at the moment and not concerned about my woes.

However, I was invited to a workshop on Friday to be the lone make-up artist for a photo shoot of six models and photographers, Andrea Bernardi, Massimo Persiani and Luca Guidetti. The event was organized by Veronica Rubini. The workshop went well despite the fact that it was snowing and the meet-up spot was outside of town. We met in a cool American Bar ran by Francesco called Casinò Café. Weather permitting, the next event will be better and maybe I will get paid this time. But until then enjoy a few of the photos I have received so far. As the rest come in I will post them here. My models wore looks inspired by an Ice Queen, Golden Goddess, Babydoll, Cleopatra and Cat Eyes.


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