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Non é ancora fluente

08 November 2010
I am rounding up my 3rd month in Italy and although my Italian has improved I am not yet fluent. I was expecting it to take at least six months to solidify and so far I am working towards that trajectory.

I have closed out two of my social accounts, taken my final exam for my Master's in America--still waiting for the results, forse la settimana prossima, I will know something. During this time I have taken on two pupils--teaching them the basic Italian that I know for their moves to Italy next year. A good friend of mine will be attending the University here to study Languages and the Arts and the other new friend, an Italian-American wanting to get in touch with his Italian roots contacted through FB and I am helping him as well. Yes, I find it ironic that a Black American is teaching an Italian American Italian but hey my life has been quite peculiar thus far. Anyhoo, he will be moving here for 6 months to research and perhaps study the culinary arts. They are both excited and willing pupils and I look forward to teaching them.

In the process I have decided that I too WILL be fluent in Italian in the 6 months time period that I allotted myself, seeing that I studied the language for the last 3 years in a class room and know how it works. Now I just need to practice and find new ways to express myself w/o translated.

During my quest to find study materials for my pupil I stumbled upon this blog. This fellow is a quest to become fluent in a new language every year and you know what I think its a good idea. One of the dreams on my bucket list was to become fluent in 5 languages in my life time and I have found the tools and inspiration to do so. So first, is Italian. I will keep you guys posted on that. And go over there and follow that blog.

I will soon be writing another post over @ BB & W. I will let you know when. I am still looking for work and hopefully the irons that I have thrown into the fire will begin to heat up.

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