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Ladies' Night

22 November 2010
Last Friday night was epic. Ok it was just fun times with my ladies Alessandra, Fede and Gaia. I have been collaborating with these awesome ladies on weddings and photo shoots to promote their photography and wedding planning businesses here in Italy.

Friday we decided to do a girls night where I teach them how to do their own make-up and of course pamper them a little by giving them their own personal make over. Alessandra got her Marilyn look and the other two girls opted for smokey eyes. And you know me I was willing to oblige. Any opportunities I get for a photo-op I take it.

This Saturday, Ale will be teaching us how to bake and I will be studying for my exam in two weeks and researching my latest obsession Alessandro de Medici, Il Moro the first black (biracial) head of state in the western world. I am seriously obsessed with the Medici Clan. Like I said before Florence is my all time favorite city in Italy and I truly believe that I lived there in a past life because it makes no sense the connection I have for it. I am planning a trip there next week and I will make sure to post as many photos as possible.

Until then, enjoy the photos from Ladies' Night
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  1. Oneika aka Nikita the TravellerNovember 23, 2010 at 5:31 PM

    Wow, the makeup session was SERIOUS!! Looks great!


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