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23 October 2010
Last Saturday I spent a day in a quaint little villaggio 20 minutes outside of Bologna in the Apennine Mountains doing a photoshoot for a huge opportunity in Italy and America with Photographer Lelia S, Wedding Planner Laura, and decorator Federica--until I know the full details I will keep you guys in the dark--but know you will be the first to know the details once I know.

I couldn't take pictures of the set or the models however I did get a few of the palazzo Castel Lazzo and the surrounding landscape. It is a beautiful place and amazing for destination weddings. From this photo shoot I was booked for 1, possibly 3 weddings next year. One is for certain at the locale and the other two will be in Positano and Lake Como respectively. Wish me luck.

Today I spent half of my day doing make-up for four models for another photo shoot for Wedding Planner Alma Lu's Place and Photographers Federica and Gaia. Today was awesome but I had to return home early because I was sick. Ugg. Tomorrow, I will be tutoring English to a lady going to a conference in Rome and translating--more like correcting her presentation. Hopefully, work will begin to pick up cuz Lil T is running out of MONAY!

I have created a new wedding blog for bridal make-up and fashion. I also present information on destination weddings in Italy and contacts for said opportunities so pop over there from time to time to see what I am discussing, especially if you are getting married soon. My actual make-up portfolio website will be up soon. When it is finished I will post the link here as well.

Enjoy the slide show and I hope I will be writing a blog in the future telling you guys about the big photoshoot and all it entailed.

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