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Big News, good news

12 October 2010
What a difference a shower makes. Right now I am just vegging out on my bed after a day spent in it due to a stomach upset and lack of sleep. I miss class today. Damn, but it was so worth it.

Class has been great. Each day I sit in, I understand more and more what the teacher is saying. I figure by next semester I will be fluently understand what all my professor are saying. I am very excited about this school year, more than any. Maybe it is the challenge of passing a class that is taught in a language that I do not speak fluently. Who knows.

I have already decided what I am going to do my thesis on and also my future dissertation as well. My thesis will focus on the Jewish Influence on art and culture during the Italian Renaissance. My dissertation will be on the Black African influence on the Italian Renaissance to include Black african leaders --for which I found one--as well. I find all these things fascinating, not to mention it puts me in a niche market for colleges. I have found only one professor in the known universe who has done extensive studies on black african influence on the Italian Renaissance and he teaches at Cambridge--will keep u posted on that front--its two years away.

Another wonderful thing that is happening for me right now is my post on the Internationally acclaim blog Beyond Black and White is finally up. I decided to write a post about interracial dating abroad for my fellow blogger Christelyn.

I am very excited about the post. I want the world to see that life is not just about black and white but about those beautiful shades of gray.

As soon as I finish my course work for this semester--and in the interim try not to kill this screaming 3 y/o above me--I will begin writing my memoirs that I have been wanting to do for such a long time. Believe me at 34, I have seen and experienced a lot and still feel as if I have more to learn but I would for people to read my journey. I had a recent brain storm and decided how I will go about doing it. I will keep you posted.

Until next blog--where I will talk about my seduction of an older Italian gentleman (in my dreams)--I hope you will pop over to Christelyn blog and read my post and others.

Ciao Ragazzi!
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