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19 September 2010
My friend Feather has arrived in Bologna. Yay! so I am away for a minute from the blog to see the sights with the friend who I once made a vow with to meet in Europe about four years ago. Then, we were just planning a trip together but it seems that fate would have us meet here as she takes a 6 month sabbatical from the States and I have moved here for the next two years ;-).

At the moment, we are both on our computers typing away and listening to the cacophony of noises outside my balcony doors. The sound of dishes clinking, voices in Italian, a cello playing and chairs scraping across the marble floors; there is someone cooking something savory, we can smell the garlic and onions being sauteed on the gas stove--all of these things together are such quintessential European experiences.

It has rained the last two days here in Bologna, and the rain has brought with it a beautiful breeze for which my balcony are open to, and the smell of Fall. Fall is my ultimate favorite season. I have been dreaming about pumpkin tortellini, scarlet colored leaves and warm cider.

The first three weeks here were hell but I believe I am past the point of homesickness--that I didn't expect--and bureaucracy hell and at the moment I am just in awe of the fact that I am seeing my hard work and my dreams come to fruition.

Stay tuned to the "Traveling Bracelet" series. Where I take pictures of iconic places and the beautiful bracelet my good friend 'S' gave me. Have a great weekend and blessed Yom Kippur.
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