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05 September 2010
I have been in Italy now for almost two weeks and let's say all the preparation I went through was futile. Nothing has been in order and none of the information I was given was accurate which I am finding is how they do things around here in il bel paese. Oh did I mention no one will help you either?

I have spent a day walking in circles for 45 minutes looking for my appointment, standing in the street crying, loosing my cell phone and wanting to purchase a ticket to return home--which I wouldn't because I would be more miserable--being told that I was given the wrong information about scholarships because hey "all Americans are either rich or middle class so they do not need scholarships," and being told that there is no way in hell that I will get into a PhD program in Italy--we will see about that-- despite this chaos, I have decided to buckle up and go along for the ride and yes help people in the same predicament as myself.

My friend Giulia is starting a company here in Bologna to help those moving here to transition smoothly. It is aimed towards students mostly because the university has no one to help them at all. The head of international students does not speak english at all even though the consulate told me she did. Which to me is crazy seeing that English is THE common language amongst all of the foreign students here.

Despite all of this, I am happy. I found an apartment with an awesome chick Named Tony--more about that later-- and the city is amazing. Although it is not the city I see myself in, I do believe it will be awesome for the time being. The city is too university--too young for me. Its kinda like Austin and Berkley. You're either young or old here. There are middle aged people such as myself here however, they are either trying to act young, working, starting families or vagabonds. LOL.

The city is absolutely spectacular. And I cannot wait to share what I see with you. Hopefully next week I will go to the Church of San Luca to take pictures. But for now enjoy my slideshow of pics from my new home and city.

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