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Brown Beauty Tuesday: Viola Davis

07 January 2014
Brown Beauty Tuesday is back and this week's beauty of the week is none other than the amazing actress Viola Davis.

Viola was born August 11 on her grandmother's farm in St. Matthews, South Carolina. Her father was a horse trainer and her mother,a factory worker, homemaker, maid and civil rights activist.

In the case of Viola, art truly imitated life as she received an Oscar nomination and won two Screen Actor's Guild Awards for her role as a maid in The Help, for which she, in a deep way, understood the lives of these women since she was born in the south to a mother who was indeed a maid.

Viola has been acting for over 20 years, mostly on broadway, and her big Hollywood breakout roles came later in her life. She proves every time she step out on the red carpet that beauty is age defying--shes 48.

She is always stunning on the red carpet, opting for bright colors that pop on her beautiful coffee colored skin, and shows off her toned, Michelle Obama-esque arms, and curvy body.

In 2011, tired of apologizing for her natural beauty as a brown woman, Viola made us all scream (especially me, being a naturalista myself) when she stepped out onto the red carpet with her natural hair, giving permission to women, especially black women--who feel the need to blend in by using dangerous chemicals to straighten their hair or wearing weaves that causes alopecia, around the world to embrace their natural beauty and to not make apologies for how the goddess created them.

Here's to my brown beauty of the week, actress Viola Davis.

Happy Tuesday beauties, no matter your ethnicity. You are all beautiful, just the way you were created!

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