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In a Spring Mood: Friday-spiration

08 November 2013
As we march towards winter and I try warming myself in front of the fire and hunkering down in flannel pajamas and down coverlets, I can't help but think of warmer times.

Although, I am spring baby, my favorite season is Fall, but when fall fades into winter, I long for spring in all its glory, the colorful blooms, longer and warmer days. Where as winter lacks warmth and is seemingly death to the soul at times. The longer and darker days can sometimes get to you.

I usually use this time to reflect. I must admit, as a creative person, I am always planning my collections a year in advance and this is no exception. Even though the Femme Fatale Collection has been doing quite well, I have been enjoying and using the last days to finish the drafting process of the ideas that formed in the Spring of this year for my SS 2014 Collection. I even have a name for it.

Until the Spring comes, here are a few things that will help me get through the cold winter months in my temporary home on the Emerald Isle.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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