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Featured Women: The Wonder World of Bibi van der Velden

06 December 2012
In this collaboration with L&L Journal, I was asked to bring attention to the world of Dutch arts & design. It is with great pleasure that I start my writing series with a fascinating young lady, the talented Dutch jewelry designer, Bibi van der Velden. My approach to jewelry is very intimate and personal. I believe that each piece of jewelry you wear should show off your personality and your individuality in this world. It should make a statement of who you are. Each piece should show passion, affirmation, growth, and life after all. I find all that in Bibi's wearable works of art. From the first time I discovered her collection and laid my eyes on her pieces, I felt an instant connection, a revival of my childhood and memories of my youth.

When it comes to my fascination with her jewelry collection in particular, I may need to go back in time to explain it. I was born in Mozambique in Southern Africa. The sea, the warm rich Indian Ocean, is a part of me. I started to develop my interest in jewelry at an early age and one of my favorite hobbies was to walk along the sandy beach for hours in search of perfect shells and other sea "accessories" to make my own jewelry pieces at home. I would always wait for the fishermen to return to land with natural pearls. I remember the enthusiasm of waiting for hours. I remember the feeling of having those little pearls in my hands and the expectation of what I was going to be able to create. Time passed by and other interests came into my life but the passion for handmade jewelry stayed very deep.

Bibi’s jewelry has an inner soul. There is poetry in it. In all the material she uses there is a reminder of mother earth. Our planet. It makes us aware of all the natural beauty around us. She uses metallics without losing their essence and showing us the connection between natural resources and humans is possible.

I suggest you check for yourself and admire her stunning collections at her website:

Find out more about Gigi on her Blog:


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