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Beauty of the Week: Jameela Jamil and South Korea

15 July 2012
Good day peeps,

I know it has been a while since I have written you all a post. In my defense I have been packing and moving, twice and I trekked across the Pacific Ocean and I am now working and living in Deajeon, S. Korea.

So I am writing you all from the Orient! I have been here now for the last two weeks and while I am waiting for my national card I am skiving someone's internet signal which mean for another two weeks there will be few posts. However, I am excited to bring you more of my adventures later, with pictures :-)

Until then I am bringing you the return of my iconic beauty of the week and I am jump starting it with British tv presenter, Jameela "Jam Jam" Jamil. Born to Indian immigrants in London, England in 1986, Jameela, has found herself in the public eye not only as a presenter but as a model. 

Standing at 5'11", this statuesque beauty has had to overcome many obstacles in her life including an accident that injured her spine when she was 17.  According to her doctors at the time she would never walk again, but with a positive attitude and a year of painful physical therapy, she was able to walk again. 

She is stylish and supports the Cultural Learning Alliance.


Steal the Style-- Jameela Jamil

A|X Armani Exchange one shoulder top, 66,755 KRW / Lace skirt, 89,040 KRW / Nine West shoes, 56,395 KRW / Coach cocktail ring, 112,790 KRW / Stud earrings, 63,300 KRW / Ben-Amun chain necklace, 92,075 KRW / Privileged NYC butterfly hair accessory, 46,035 KRW / Wide belt, 14,960 KRW / Lip makeup, 16,115 KRW / New from Scotch Naturals!, 40,280 KRW / Massimo Leather

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