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Estou aprendendo Português

22 October 2011
Yes you read that right! I am learning Brazilian Portuguese.  Although, I think the language is beautiful I also think it sounds like drunk french cats speaking spanish with a little Chinese thrown in for fun. Lol..

Why am I learning Portuguese? Well as you all know I started my own coffee business recently and one of my business partners is Brazilian and there may be a possibility that the team will be going to Brazil in the near future.

Its been a minute since I have written on the blog but a lot has taken place in my life. I am retired, and I have been building a large network so I have been working nonstop and I am having the time of my life. I wanted you all to know I am doing well and this week I will have the time to finally do some blog posts on Fall/Winter 2011 fashion. I have been trying to find some awesome outfits but a lot of the sites have not put up their fall fashion but be on the look out for some fall makeup tips and fashion.

Until next post, enjoy your weekend and Gilberto Gil, Céu and Alcione, my favorite Brazilian musicians
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