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Cosmically Chic Cancers

31 August 2011

Cancers are amazingly nurturing. Any Cancerian home rather male or female will more than likely smell of fresh baked cookies, and is inviting and homey.  Cancers are known for their tough exteriors and soft innards and re known for their moody nature. They are all about family and building connections. In fact their friends tend to become a sort of extended family. This is because they are ruled by the moon. The planet that influences our emotions and intuition. Where the sun is the masculine planet, the moon and all of its dreamy qualities is very feminine. They are also a water sign which makes them doubly intuitive. 

The colors that is associated with Cancers are silver and seafoam which represent the shimmering colors of the moon and sea. They are associated with the crab--because of its hard shell and soft flesh.  Their stone is the pearl which brings good fortunes and attracts important people to them. Here are a few boards I put together for this wonderful sign--I should know, my mom was a Cancer, my moon is in Cancer and some of my best friends are Cancers. Although I must admit I would never date one. Ha! 

I am glad to be back and now that I finally have internet I can write more so be on the look out. Until then enjoy!

Career Cancer

Casual Cancer Daytime

Casual Cancer Night-time

Dreamy Cancer
Cancer Accessories
Makeup for Cancers

**I will add pertinent information on where to find these items later.

5 comments on "Cosmically Chic Cancers"
  1. Warm welcome back;-)
    Cancers can be very manipulating but nice people in general;-)

  2. Oh yes maam they can be and MOOODY but I wanted to focus on the more positive nature of Cancers.. Thanks for the welcome back.

  3. Great post!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  4. Welcome back!!!
    Love the selection in this post.
    Those black pumps are to die for
    lee x


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