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Astrologically Chic Geminis

31 July 2011

Geminis also known as the twins are the zodiac, are a group of people who are many-sided, quick minded, quick to action, inventive charming wordsmiths.  They are the quintessential human sign because it represent the hallmarks of the human race--intelligence (Gemini is an air sign), adaptability (mutable sign) and communicative (is ruled by Mercury, the messenger god and god of communication). Geminis are curious and believe they should play all the parts on the world's stage. They are restless and known for their duality. In fact they are quite fascinating individuals.

The main color that represent Geminis is yellow, the color of novelty (newness). Their secondary color is blue. Their birthstone is the Agate. So enjoy these beautiful charts that I have put together for you Geminis. Rather your sun is in Gemini or rather one of your major planets fall in Gemini-- I am sure you will find something that will suit you.

I am hoping to have internet in the next couple of weeks but new business may have me traveling. I can now blog from my phone so I will definitely be doing more post over the next couple of weeks. I am very excited for what I have in store for you. I will be putting up Fall/Winter 2011/12 Trends this week. I am IN LOVE with what's coming up this fall and winter. It will be amazing! 

Agate Stone--Birth Stone for Geminis

Casual Gemini

Career Gemini

Sexy Gemini
Accessorizing Geminis

Makeup For Geminis

*I will put the links and items up later in the week. But I hope you are inspired for now.

And I want to say goodbye to one of my most favored soul singers. Her untimely death makes me realize how important living life to its fullest each is. Enjoy Ms. Winehouse..

4 comments on "Astrologically Chic Geminis"
  1. Loving all the yellows and the flat shoes!

  2. Neither sun nor the planets fall in Gemini for me, however I just love these charts. I especially love the belt (Casual 2), the casual pants, the OPI nail color, and the career jacket.

  3. Glad to you are back to blogging again. I adore all the bright and cheerful yellows here. Those blue ballerinas are so sweet. Makes me want to get up and dance;-)

  4. amazing stylings!

    your newest follower Michelle


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