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17 April 2010
I am back guys. The test taking was vigorous and I will more than likely have to return in November to retake them if I am accepted into the program in Sicily. I finally finished all the leg work collected documents for the Consulate General and all I have to do is mail those documents to the Secretary Of State next week. That Apostile process takes ten business days and I am still getting the rest translated.

Also, we are still waiting for the Italian Ministry or Education to post the deadline dates for foreigners to apply to the schools. What a pain, but so worth all of the efforts.

Big news, I have created a social networking site on Ning, and would love all of my followers to join and refer friends. I hope it grows to be one of the biggest things I have ever done or committed to. There are subgroups you can join to meet your needs but I hope to see you there. Originally it was for Brown people who have moved abroad but I decided to make it more global and created subcategories for that so it is opened to everyone--those who are living abroad, want to live abroad or has lived abroad. AND you don't have to be American. Maybe you are from Taiwan moved to America--etc.

I will keep you posted as things develop.

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